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We're focused on customer service and the quality of our solar installation. We work in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Our system designer majored in Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and got started in the solar industry in 2004. Sumintra began installing systems a few years later in 2007. We do traditional roof-mounts, ground mounts and solar carports as well as battery-backup systems.

Should you use string inverters, micro-inverters or power optimisers? Are higher efficiency solar modules worth it? Are you interested in a battery-backup system? Lead batteries or lithium batteries? AC coupled or DC coupled? Tracking arrays? Bi-facial modules? Give us a call so we can discuss the pros and cons of all these options.

The first step is telling us how much electricity your home uses so it helps to have an electric utility bill handy when you contact us. After that we can often give you a ballpark price once we view online satellite imagery of your site.




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